Cursed to Golf is a 2D golf-like adventure about surviving through golfing purgatory. 

With rogue-like elements and Metroid-like hole layouts, can you ascend?


Please note: 

The HTML5 version of the game is slightly buggy and you may experience some issues. 

Please download the Windows version below for a more stable experience.


Start a run in an attempt to survive through 9 randomly organised holes.

CURSED TO ONLY HIT RIGHT!? Make skilful shots and dominate the challenge.

Challenging large golf holes with multiple pathways to the flag to explore.

Use rogue-like-style rewards and power ups to push yourself further and further into golfing purgatory.

Avoid explosions, water hazards and sand traps!

Fail to reach the flag in par and the golf loop repeats.

After surviving; try to get the best score you can! 

The lower the better. Screenshot and show off to your friends and social media.


How To Play

Cursed to Golf uses only the mouse & keyboard currently.

Shot Controls: 

Left Click to start the powerbar, then Left Click again at the desired power.

The anglebar will then appear, Left Click again on the anglebar for the desired ball angle.


Each powerup has a corresponding keyboard key assigned, except for automatic powerups.

Birdie Eye = "A"

Mulligan = "B"

Explode = "C"

Fans Off = "D"


Cursed to Golf is a personal project created by Liam Edwards.

Liam's Twitter - Please follow for game updates

Music track created by Mark Sparling

(ps. you can't fullscreen on purpose :P)

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(37 total ratings)
GenreCard Game, Sports
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, Difficult, Golf, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Roguelite, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Cursed_To_Golf_Early_Access_Alpha_0_3_0_1.exe 51 MB

Install instructions

Download Instructions:

  1. Download from page. 
  2. Run executable file "Cursed_To_Golf_Early_Access_Alpha_0_3_0_1.exe"
  3. Go through installation process and then run.

Enjoy golf purgatory.

Development log


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I GOT IT TO THE 4th!!! My life is a success.


any chance we get the full version of this game when it comes out if we own it here?

has anyone ever hit a 2 on the first hole? it is possible but rare best iv done is a 3 on the first hole

make it where each time it randomly generates facial structure to make some lore behind it and try to add that here


Pretty fun but my big criticism would be that it very quickly gets old having to do the exact same tutorial level over and over and over. Maybe disable it after the first play?


Fun game! But it’s a real challenge. I absolutely suck at this game. There are great moments where you land a difficult shot and feel like you accomplished something- only to screw up on the next shot and end up progressing backwards. There’s definitely a difficulty curve here worth mastering for some. The game looks and sounds great as well!

Definitely give this game a shot, you’ll probably be better than me at it! Couldn’t get past the 2nd stage. Made a video with my experiences. Keep up the awesome work!


Thanks! I will have a look at your video now :)


Is there a way to flip the golfer's direction?


You're cursed to only hit right! 


The graphics - gorgeous. The music - fantastic.

Failed over hundred times probably, never got past the 3rd hole, don't care, love it!

If I ever get to the 4th, I'll call my parents, make them proud.

(1 edit) (+1)

I love golf games, and this one is unlike any other. I am a pretty casual gamer so this is a bit intense for me. However, even when I fail I find myself starting right back up. Definitely worth checking out!


mac port pls




It's good stuff.


This might be a silly question but - can't you turn left to strike the ball from right to left??? WHAT AM I MISSING


Haha nope...

Master the right hit. You can do it.