A downloadable Pizza for Windows

Pizza Rooms - Created for the Disc Room Jam. 

Inspired by JW and Kitty's quote of "to make the Margaretta pizza of video games."

Dodge pizza discs, while laying down pizza boxes to collect enough pizzas to progress forward.

12 rooms total.

Get your best time! 

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, disc-room, disc-room-jam, dodge, Pixel Art, pizza, Sprites

Install instructions

Download and run exe.


Pizza_Room_Jam_Build.exe 15 MB


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Thoroughly captures the chaos energy inherit in pizza

Ran into an issue where I got trapped in a room without enough pizzas to win on the level with the first teleporters. Had to restart the game.

Besides that, it was fun. A nice risky gameplay loop, trying to decide if it is better to pick off the easy pizzas then dash to the finish, or navigate to the finish with boxes to spare in case of a rogue pizza.