A downloadable snes for Windows

A very short and silly game about trying to pre-order an SNES Classic Edition. 

Created by Liam Edwards

I made this game in a weekend for fun to test my Game Maker skills and also because I thought a game centered around the theme of trying to order a darn SNES Classic Edition would be funny. It's short, buggy and most definitely not great. Enjoy! 


  • Multiple ending (mostly bad endings)
  • A "fully-fledged" media player... 
  • Secrets

This is my first ever official game release, let me know what you thought even if you hated it over on Twitter. @LiamBME.

Thanks for playing! 


SNES Classic La Douleur Exquise 208 MB


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That was hystarical! Saw it on twittter and knew I had to run through it. For being made in a weekend that was just great! Pretty darn relateable too. Lastly, nice job using the Mario win sound without being cought :D